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Step by step, the site is being updated and soon new episodes will be posted here. Last year, I have no much time to dedicate to this site and making the English version of comic. Some people are complaining but please understand this. Editing an episode and translating it is a difficult? task, especially when you have other works with tight deadlines. Moreover I need refine the translation many times. My English skills have developed since I have started publishing this version on web but it's still not that good.

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  1. G’day – I’ve just finished going through the archive and really enjoyed it. My only criticism is the obvious one that you’ve mentioned – your translation. Have you considered getting someone who’s a native English speaker to help you?
    An Australian station dubs a lot of foreign language shows and apparently they have 2 people do the translation. If they’re dubbing a Japanese movie they have a native Japanese speaker who’s fluent in English and a native English speaker who’s fluent in Japanese – that way the English is good and the Japanese native can check that the translation properly reflects the meaning of the Japanese.
    On a side note – at first I could not make sense of the comic – everything seemed out of order when several people were talking. Once I realised I need to read the captions from right to left suddenly it all made sense. :)

    Great story and great art – I look forward to the next part when you can get it done.

  2. Thank you for all the work you’ve done already. The site looks great! I’m using the RSS feed, myself, to keep up with your wonderful comic. ^_^

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